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Title :
SAMAVEDA ( English )
Author :
Dr. Tulsiram
Description :
Come life, Come Light, Come the spirit of Existence, be with us singing, dancing and celebrating the Truth, Beauty and Joy of life with gratitude to God and Mother Nature. Ours is the world of Agni, Light of Omniscience, vibrant with Indra, cosmic energy and Power of Omnipotence, overflowing with the Ananda of Soma, infinite Beatitude of Brahma Supreme. Let there be love, peace and progress by the grace of Indra, Lord of infinite power, justice and kindness. Let there be health and happiness for all by the gifts of Pusha, Lord of vitality and generosity. Let the beauty, joy, goodness and grandeur of life be inviolable as blessings of the Lord Supreme of Constancy and of Mutability.
Price :
Rs. 675
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