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Title :
Upanishad Rahasya (Ekadashopnishad) ( Hindi )
Author :
Mahatma Narain Swami
Description :
This book contains the original Sanskrit text of all the Eleven Upnishads, translated in simple Hindi by an eminent Vedic scholar Mahatma Narain Swami with word meanings. The aim is to let a reader acquaint with the knowledge of the true Vedic spiritual philosophy, so that one can attain true happiness and peace of mind in this life as well as attain true bliss i.e. moksha (Salvation). This special edition features:-Sanskrit Text, word meaning, and Hindi translation, computerized text in big font, cloth binding, quality paper & printing. One of its speciality is that it contains Shaloka-Mantra Index also, this has been done first time ever for inquisitive readers. Pages : 1248 approx, Size : 14 cms x 22 cms
Price :
Rs. 425
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